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The Hope 40 combines traditional New England styling with a state of the art power catamaran utilizing hydrofoil technology. Classic “Down East” lines do not reveal that the Hope 40 utilizes a revolutionary foil package. The main foil of the Hope 40 has an adjustable angle of attack, and is fully retractable. In harbors where a foil between the hulls is a liability, the push of a button allows the foil hinge clear of entanglement.

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For years customers have asked us why existing power catamarans look like futuristic alien spacecrafts?!? They challenged us to design an attractive vessel that still utilizes the smooth riding characteristics of a foil-assisted power catamaran.     The Hope 40 is our answer!

Conversation with Designer & Builder

This March 28, 2023 webinar with JB Turner of Front Street Shipyard, and David McCollough, goes into detail on what makes the Hope 40 special...


Propulsion that
Meets Your Needs

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Different propulsion systems make sense for different applications. The Hope 40 is offered with either 2 x 600hp Mercury outboards, or 2 x 550hp Yanmar inboard diesel engines mated to Hamilton Jet Drives. The outboards represent a high value package with amazing performance. The inboard / jet drive combination offers reliability and safety. Choose the option that fits your needs...

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Hamilton Jet-Drives

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Mercury Outboards

Design Specifications

Specifications are Subject to Change

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