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The MC125 is focused on comfort and possesses line-honor speed as a positive byproduct.  Providing ample interior volume, the MC125’s hulls span waveforms, generate a gentle ride, and defends light-air performance.  Her innovative foil package dampens vertical accelerations.  This provides a smooth ride into elevated sea states.  This sea-kindly vessel is aimed at the passenger that tends to get sea-sick.  We believe that everyone onboard should have a positive sailing experience, even on open-ocean passages.


Rest assured that while inexperience sailors will be protected in comfort, experienced racing sailors will also be smiling.  The MC125 is a weapon with top boat-speeds reaching well into the 40+ knot range.  Her all-carbon construction, canting rig, and hydrofoils developed by America’s Cup experts maximize recent advancements in naval architecture.  While many performance cruising catamaran brands are now emphasizing cruising over performance the MC125 goes the other way.  The MC125 is a rocket.  She just happens to be a comfortable rocket.

Design Specs

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