Hope 40

McCollough Yachts is proud to introduce the Hope 40!  This unique vessel combines traditional New England styling with a state of the art power catamaran utilizing hydrofoil technology.  For years customers have asked us why existing power catamarans look like futuristic alien spacecrafts?!?  They challenged us to design an attractive vessel that still utilizes the smooth riding characteristics of a foil-assisted power catamaran.  The Hope 40 is our answer!  Classic “Down East” lines does not reveal that the Hope 40 utilizes a revolutionary foil package.  The main foil of the Hope 40 has an adjustable angle of attack, and is fully retractable.  In harbors where a foil between the hulls is a liability, the push of a button allows the foil hinge clear of entanglement.  Vessel trim and roll is dynamically controlled with transom hung Humphree Interceptors.  Tradition combined with technology makes the Hope 40 a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


We are currently assembling a Buyer Pool interested in turning this concept into reality.  For more information please contact us:

Design Specs